Day 8 (processers) – Suntory Brewery

November 6, 2008

November 6, 2008

It was the 8th day in Japan for us. The second day in Kumamoto-Prefecture and we had maybe about 7 days before to taste the refreshing Japanese beer.

After eight overwhelming days in Japan, the next six where up to follow. Seven young Germans, that built up the occupational group of processing, where on their way, on their mission to discover the secrets and miracles of the refreshing Japanese beer they had a chance to taste in the whole last week. What makes Japanese beer so complete, absolute so.. pure? This and further questions shall be answered to in their visit to the Suntory Brewery Kyushu-Kumamoto.

The bus arrived with those beer-specialists inside, synchronous as they left it they have been greeted by a Suntory co-worker in her yellow-grey suit. Full of expectation and after a short speech of greeting by the “Braumeister”, who worn a nearly completely white suite of purity, we started our walk through the factory, leaded by the “Suntory-Women” in her two-coloured suite.
A video of introduction has given some first answers to those brave Germans, that astonished until the video was over. One accentuation actually was given to the brew water flowing through volcanic minerals placed pretty close to the Suntory-Brewery in Kumamoto. This pure and controlled mineral water is fundamental for the whole (following) process.
Machinery, finest ingredients like hop and malt, a lot of also-filled-drinks like coffee or juice have been introduced to those “beer specialists”, that actually could learn a lot about the Suntory Brewery and about brewery itself.

Finally the processing group could convince themselves by tasting fresh brewed Suntory beer. And yes, they really could taste those food awards, the fresh water and the lovely selected ingredients.
Besides the very great taste of the Japanese beer those “specialists” have been a little bit suprised about how that beer was draught. The delegation leader didn’t hesitate to show them the nice German way, which is not always the cleanest. However the “Braumeister” seemed very impressed and commented that there actually are some nuances in the taste of the differently draught beer.
After such a fullfilling visit at the brewery the group was so happy that they spontaneously composed a song in the bus driving back to the Aso Youth Center.

“Sun-Sun-Suntory! Hey biru, Hoh jusu, Hey kohi – oishii!”

Thanks to Suntory Brewery Kyushu-Kumamoto!