Day 14 – Leaving Japan

November 12, 2008

12 November, 2008

4:00 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. – who cares? The wake-up call destroys the dreams. After a short night in Osaka we’re catching a last view on the city of Osaka while having breakfast on the 12th floor of the Hotel.
It’s unbelievable, but two weeks in Japan are finally over. Did we really just stay that short period? It feels like being in Japan for months… It’s the last chance to enjoy rice, misosoup and fish in the morning.
The bus takes us to Kansai airport. Some of the delegation members take a nap, others enjoy the scenery and everybody seems to be fulfilled with new impressions, memories and sadness. We all lost a bit of our souls in Japan and nobody really wants to step into the airplan.

At the airport we say “Mata aschita” to Tada-san, Yukiko-san, Etsuko-san and some Japanese delegation members. A last hug then a wave to the right and a wave to the left then we board the aircraft.
Although some us hope that the immigration officer finds a reason why we must stay in Japan, he doesn’t make us the pleasure. It’s finally time to say good bye!

Ho-ta-ru no hi-ka-ri, ma-do no ju-ki, fu-mi j-omu zu-ki-hi ka-ssane zu-zu,
i zu shika to-schi-mossu gi-noto o, akete so ke-ssa-wa, wa-ka-re ju-ku

The 12hour flight to Frankfurt feels like a never ending journey. Fortunately the aircrew keep us busy. It’s the last time that we enjoy a big “Kampai” on this tour and sometime between eating, sleeping and drinking we’re entering the German air space.

In Frankfurt we all split off for the final destination – Home. With tears in our eyes we have to say “Sayonara” to each other. Loneliness and disorientation will accompany us the next days, weeks, months… It seems that we all have a second cultural shock – Germany is so different and strange, but Japan is so far and well known. Let’s hope, that we will get a chance for a one-way-ticket to Nihon soon… Until this will happen we have to live on thousands of pictures we took

Thanks to everybody, Arigato gozaimas to all who made this journey unforgettable.

* Arsen, Carolin, Christian, Susanne, Benjamin, Christiane, Kira, Tom, Franziska, Maurice, Dominique, Moritz, Aileen, Kirsten, Julia, Gisa, Julia, Sven, Madeleine, Franziska, Michaela, Claus and Sascha *