Day 11 (Kumamoto Homestay)

November 9, 2008

9 November, 2008

7 o‘clock getting up, put on cloth and enter the car… It was a very early start but it was ok because we were on the way to a sumo training and fight. It was interesting… very „big“ men, nearly naked hit one on the other. These sumo-fighters were like stars for the japanese people, they always tried to explain to me who is the best fighter and who had the best chances against an other fighter.
After that, we went back home and had a traditional japanese breakfast with rice, fish and soup. It tasted very good because after 10 days in japan the most of us had accustomed to these breakfast.
2 o‘clock pm we entered the car again and drove to a friend of Chie (my guestmother), she is a Kimono teacher. She showed me how to wear a Kimono in a very traditional way and we drunk traditional green tea together and talked a long time.
After this we went to a very nice Onsen and Chie and I relaxed there for nearly one hour.
In the evening the family prepared a very big evening meal, with Takoyashi, Maki-Sushi and pasta (but I forgot the name). There were also some friends of my guestsister, so I had to answer very much questions and we had a lot of fun by dancing the Algorithm March 🙂 It was a veeeeery long day, I collected so much impressions and so I fall into my bed after all of that.
The next morning we only had time to had breakfast and to drive to the hotel. It was very sad to say good bye to the guestparents for all of us, because we all had a great time… and it was interesting so see how japanese live.