Day 13 – Kumamoto to Osaka

11 November, 2008

Today we got up for the last time in the houses of our guest families. Later that day, we did some photographs and went with the guest family to Tokyoko Inn Hotel in Kumamoto.

Afterwards we went to a castle that coins the cityscape. We were amazed by the impressive architecture and the opulent design inside. Everything was built by wood. The reconstructed ruins of the castle Kumamoto were built in the year 1607 and destroyed during the Satsuma rebellion in 1877.

The Donjon and other parts of the castle are one to one reproductions exactly rebuilt by the rules of ancient Japanese craft traditions. The castle is placed on a hill inside the centre of the city. At these times, into the 17th century, it was one of the most massive buildings in the whole Japan. The outer walls had a length of 5 kilometres including 49 Yagura entries and 28 gates.

Because of the Japanese guides we got a very impressive view at the details of the castle. But there was still something we couldn’t understand – the notches on some stones. Did not understand why it was placed there.

Afterwards we went to the airport where our plain to Osaka was waiting for us. On the flight we had the chance to see the beautiful countryside and some high mountains of the country.

After our arrival in Osaka we checked into a hotel named KKR. There we met some Japanese attendants and explored with them the inner city of Osaka.

In the evening we had all together a nice meal at a restaurant. The main attraction there was that you could fry your own food into some feeders filled with hot oil.

At the end of the trip we wanted to thank our new Japanese friends and the guides who looked for us during the last two weeks. As we wanted to thank them we had prepared some little presents which we gave them before saying good bye.

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