Day 1 – Arrival in Tokyo

October 30, 2008

First day – Big in Japan!

October 29, 2008 Munich- Everyone of us were so excited about going to Japan that we couldn’t wait to go on board the airplane to Tokyo Narita International Airport. Incredible, but some of the Delegation members haven’t been abroad by airplane before. For some of us it was an experience for the first time.

October 30, 2008 Tokyo – After eleven hours of staying in the economy class of the airplane run by Lufthansa we felt quite exhausted. This was caused by the little space for sitting, sleeping or taking a rest. But some of us just enjoyed free drinking on board until the arrival at Tokyo. Nevertheless we were very excited and overwhelmed by the warm welcome of Yukiko and Etsuko at the airport.

It was a great moment for all of us to meet them for first time and to get the first impressions of Japan… everything and everyone looked differently to what we knew. There were so many unknown scents and remarkable toilets we haven’t seen before!!!

Hmm… After Etsuko and Yukiko welcomed us we enjoyed our first Japanese lunch in a Restaurant at Narita International Airport… It tasted sooo good that a look at the pictures will make your mouth water!

Later on we drove to the NYC by bus. The people of the NYC gave us a short introduction of the area of the Center and its facilities.

In the evening we were invited for having a great dinner at the NYC with the Japanese people from NIYE. But after drinking beer and tasting the delicious Japanese food we were exhausted and tired of our long trip.

After dinner we had to practise for our contribution representing Germany, formally known as the culture programme, and wrapping a huge number of presents we all brought from Germany to Japan. Everyone of us felt completely tired but happy to be in Tokyo and excited of what will follow the next upcoming weeks in Japan.

Photos from Carolin

October 3, 2008